Balanced Bodies

In Home Personal Training

Nobody needs to tell us that exercise is an imperative part of staying fit and healthy. We all know that. However, many of us would like to achieve more from our workouts or find it difficult to stick to an exercise program. That is why Personal Training is so valuable. With a training program designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, your Personal Trainer will help you get the most out of your workouts and with one-on-one advice and encouragement, show you just how great you can feel.

Benefits of In Home Training

  • Save travel time
  • comfort and privacy of your own home
  • save money on gym membership
  • avoid crowded gyms and waiting for equipment
  • accountability
  • personal attention with no distractions
  • flexibility

Our Programs

What makes us unique and stand out from other in home training companies is that after the workout we incorporate 10-20 minutes of fascial stretching. This will help decrease recovery time and increase your strength potential. Not to mention how good it feels at the end of an intense workout!

One of the cornerstones of our progressive workout programs is resistance training.

Restistence training yields benefits that extend far beyond the gym. It serves two main purposes:

  1. It has several health benefits such as maintaining blood sugar levels, preventing bone loss, keeping a healthy body weight, equalizing hormone levels and helping to prevent various diseases.
  2. It helps you achieve whatever fitness goals you have: weight loss, muscle or strength gains, toning, pain reduction, energy increases and so on.

What’s important to realize is that whatever the fitness goal, there are important principles you must follow. These principles include: exercise choice, exercise order, number of sets, number of repetitions, time under tension, rest time between sets and recovery time between workouts. For many people this can seem overwhelming and impossible to figure out. This is why the majority of people who try it on their own fail and give up on their goals. They simply don’t have the knowledge to develop an appropriate workout program.

Periodization is extremely important so that you don’t plateau and stop seeing results. How many times have you seen the same person at the gym for months yet don’t notice a changes? It’s because they probably haven’t changed their program since they started working out.

We have taken all the guess work out for our clients and the results speak for themselves. We will help you develop an individualized program that will not only get you to your goals but also keep your body guessing so that you will never plateau. You will walk away after each workout feeling like you’re one step closer to looking and feeling how you’ve always dreamed.


  • one-on one: 1 session a week $70/session,  2 session a week $60/session,  3 sessions a week $50/session
  • partner training rates also available
  • travel rates apply for clients further than 25 minutes away
  • workout programs ($100 for 4-6 week program)- you will be give up to 4 different workouts